Cnidaria Aquaculture LTD
Here at Cnidaria Aquaculture LTD we are an APB (Aquaculture Production Business) licensed by Defra and Cefas .
We have primarily been a coral farm for the last 8 years within the EU until 2018 when we are now opening our first retail store .
Our aim is to minimise corals and fish removed from natural reefs by aqua-culturing our own livestock here in the UK , breeding and manufacturing of zooplankton , micro and macro algae.
We are also big on conservation and are striving to be self sufficient in terms of livestock and energy usage . In 2019 we plan to open a 28,000 litre coral reef aquarium and in 2020 we will be open for school educational visits where children can come and learn about conservation and even help cultivate coral fragments with our in house team .
Cnidaria are one of a few direct importers into the UK so you can be guaranteed that our corals are top quality and direct from source .
All our livestock is sourced from sustainable sources around the globe including Indonesia , the Red Sea , Fiji/Tonga, Cuba, Hawaii and Australia .
The corals we do actually import go on to be cultured ourselves meaning that particular species needs not be imported again . Long term this will keep corals where they should be ... In the natural reefs and we can let you the hobbyist benefit by gaining access to coral fragments hardier than wild specimens . Cnidaria hopes to be the retail business where you can purchase live, tropical marine fish , freshwater tropical fish , coral fragments , coral colonies , inverts and even macro algaes and even temperate fish and water plants .
If that wasn’t enough we also manufacture bespoke tanks , service , consult and maintain systems from small to large .

Please feel free to contact us for more information .
The Cnidaria team .

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